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Reto Peter

Stereo Mixing and Mastering

Reto mixes Grammy® Award winning tracks out of his Oakland Hills studio, The Teahouse. His engineering experience goes back to the early 2000s, working with Green Day, The Counting Crows, and Modest Mouse, and led him to become a mixer with the highest professional standards.

He was born and raised in Switzerland and has been a musician since childhood. Working as a music composer and producer himself, he understands that the song and the artist are the most important thing to focus on when mixing.
Reto approaches every mix with a clear sonic vision, making his work stand out as very intentional, courageous, and bold - but still genre-appropriate. And while he is known to push the envelope more than occasionally, he respects the artists’ vision, and aims to bring the best out of a production, just like a conductor evoking the best out of an orchestra.


He loves working with Indie, Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop but has mixed some beautiful singer-songwriter records as well.
At this point, Reto mixes and masters in stereo only.

For more info about Reto, click HERE!

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